Resources for Preschoolers

Support materials for Language is the Key --
Free, reproducible language and early literacy activities.

Supporting Early Literacy in Natural Environments:
Activities for Parents, Caregivers and Young Children

These materials include forty-six home and community activities for adults and children that encourage early language and literacy development in young children. They are appropriate for children with disabilities as well as children who are developing typically.

Each of the forty-six activities includes three pages: 1) An activity description, 2) Hints for making the activity fun and developmentally appropriate, and 3) A brief self-evaluation form that cues parents and other caregivers to notice their children’s skills, and also cue adults to examine and grow their own interactions with children.

The materials are specifically designed to address the three key skills of 1) language development, 2) phonological awareness, and 3) general print awareness.

The files are in PDF format to allow easy and secure downloading. Five files for each language (Spanish and English) include:

  • Table of contents listing the 46 activities
  • Level 1 activities (for developmentally younger children)
  • Level 2 activities (focus on print)
  • Level 3 activities (focus on using more complex language)
  • Brief self-evaluation forms for each activity

Developed by Angela Notari-Syverson, Ph.D. and Kristin Rytter, Ph.D, with Judy Challoner, Faith Haertig Sadler, Young Sook Lim, Ph.D., Marilyn Sturm, and Rodd Hedlund (2005).

Dr. Notari-Syverson and colleagues allow the materials to be reproduced and distributed as long as the materials are not sold.

The development of these materials was supported by Grant H324M020084 from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.