Mediated Learning Curriculum

A developmentally appropriate curriculum for diverse groups of children.

  • Evidence-based
  • For ages 2 to 7 years
  • 200 full days of activities
  • 20 different units
  • Promotes social and cognitive development
  • Supports inclusive settings
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Scientifically Based

The Mediated Learning Curriculum has been rigorously evaluated over a 15-year period and is effective with children who have developmental delays and children who are developing typically. Positive effects of the model are found in students who received the curriculum during preschool as late as age 16. Please see The Evidence Base for additional information.

Developed by Teachers

Authors: Janet Osborn, M.S., Deborah Sherwood, M.S., Kevin Cole , Ph.D.

The Mediated Learning Curriculum was developed and field-tested by preschool teachers serving children with disabilities in inclusive settings. The activities and ideas are effective, practical, and engaging.