SPECIAL OFFER: Free curriculum CD with video purchase

View a sample unit of the Mediated Learning Curriculum.

Until April 30, every time you purchase the Language is the Key video program, we will automatically send you a free copy of our Mediated Learning Curriculum, an $89 value.

The Mediated Learning Curriculum is a text CDROM and includes ideas and plans for 200 full days including thousands of activities that facilitate cognitive and social development. Three levels of challenge are presented for each classroom activity, so children across a wide range of developmental levels can be engaged in the same activity. The curriculum is designed to allow teachers to infuse cultural values and information into activities and interactions.

The Mediated Learning Curriculum has been rigorously evaluated, and proven to be effective, including longitudinal follow-up ten years after early intervention. In addition, the model has been replicated in Early Childhood Special Education and Head Start settings across the country.

It can be used in conjunction with other developmentally appropriate curricula to support, expand, and extend models currently used in your program.

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